Supervisor's Report through January 28, 2015


From the desk of:

              Keith A. Langley, Supervisor

                                    Town of East Greenbush


I would like to thank all the employees of the Department of Public Works for their dedication and hard work during the year 2014.  Because of all of them the Town was able to solve long time issues and accomplish major projects in the most cost efficient ways.

DPW 2014 Summary

Highway Department

- Repaired Sweeper Truck with stainless steel body  $14,000 (budgeted $200,000 to be bonded)

- Purchased Boom (Bucket ) Truck (previously rented)                   $15,815

- Overall Savings: $ 170,185 + cost of recurring rental fees

Transfer Station

- New Trailer:     cost of purchase: $17,500             cost to repair: $40,000    savings: $22,500

- Cameras, new exterior lighting, repairs to fence, addition of lower exit gate

- Floor Drain repaired to prevent continual clogging, insulation replaced with spray foam to prevent rodents. Bathroom desperately in need of repair were all updated after finding 12 dead mice during repairs.                                                 Total Cost:  Approximately $1,000

- Scrap Metal revenue totals more than doubled since this administration took over in January 2014.                       2013  Scrap Revenue $9, 334       as of 12/21/14  Scrap Revenue $21, 497

- 40% cost reduction in annual brush grinding 2013  $17,500 2014  $9,975

Water Department

- Alternative to Water Slip Lining Project 9&20 was taken. Estimated savings $90,000 (budgeted $100,000 to be bonded) Total Cost Savings ~$90,000

- Old Red Mill Road Project tying in parts of Rt 4 and Stock Lane for alternative water source in case of break or repair.

Highway Garage

- Cameras on exterior buildings and gas pumps

- Exterior Building and Roof Repairs (holes in Roof)          $950 labor           $670 materials

- Half of garage was insulated with spray foam (NO previous insulation resulted in extremely high heating costs- will reduce future heating costs significantly)

- Electrical outlets and lighting repairs (all lighting now energy efficient)

- Salt Shed panels were repaired to allow light but no water.  Roof repairs needed and budgeted for 2015

Town Hall

- Thorough Cleaning and numerous repairs and replacements including toilets, faucets, front doors, water tank, lighting fixtures.

- Foundation and building exterior patched, scraped, and painted – Thank you to Jim Walsh for his efforts.

- New Banners with Town Logo

- Major Sewer Drain Problems Repaired

- Main Fresh Air Vent was repaired after being clogged with major debris and dead animals from over the years.

- Large hole in bottom of main heating duct repaired –sewer fresh air lines were getting sucked into furnace when turned on.

Police Department

- Maintenance neglect unfortunately caused grinder pump overflow issues.  Pumps pulled out, cleaned, and lines snaked.

- Back-up Generator reroute carbon monoxide fumes now vent outside instead of inside.

- Broken glass replaced and door closers installed at entrance.


- There had been a continuous request for a crosswalk in the rear of Holy Spirit School.  This was completed late last spring.

- The Town Park Crosswalk from the lower pavilion to the playground area was also completed.

- Retention Ponds have been worked on.  One in Particular is Celeste Drive.  A washout has occurred causing a 70 ft gorge.  DPW is aware of the problem and have a solution to fixing the affected area.

This week, our team did an excellent job of keeping our streets clean and safe throughout Town, I would like to thank them once again for their efforts and hard work! Their hard work did not go unnoticed!

Be safe and stay warm

Department of Public Works - February 2015
Our Department of Public Works employees have been working countless hours to clean up after the snow and repairing water main breaks.  I would like to take a minute to thank each and every one on my team that has been working hard to clean up and repair where necessary around Town.  I would also like to thank the residents for their patience as we work hard to clean their streets and repair the pipes.

Since Sunday, February 15th, our Water Department, along with other DPW employees, have fixed water main breaks on Prospect Heights Ave, Mill Run, Holly Circle, Pinehurst Ave, Oregon Ave, Red Mill Road, Adams Ave and Parkview Ave.  If any additional breaks occur in Town due to the cold weather we will be sure to post updates. 

Thank you again for your patience.  And thank you to all employees of the Department of Public Works and their families for their long hours during this cold.

~Anthony Corellis, Commissioner of Public Works
Attention EG Veterans
We are in the process of updating our Veteran's Memorial Sign in our Community Room.  There are several EG Veterans not included on our sign.  Please contact Jessica Lansing 477-4194 if you would like your name included.  If anyone knows of any  Veterans who are not included and no longer with us please let us know.
The Sign will be updated later in the Spring.
Community and Recreation Department Announcement
Summer Camp Info is Here!  
Click on the Community and Recreation Department at the top of this page for more details

The Community and Recreation Department is now seeking applicants for the following seasonal positions:

Camp Director
Camp Counselor
All Applicants must be East Greenbush Residents and counselors must be 16 years of age by May 1, 2015.
Camp Director Job Description
Employment Application
Summer Camp Employment Application
If you are interested in applying for any of these positions.  Please print out the attached applications (2), complete, and send by mail or in person to 
Jessica Lansing East Greenbush Town Hall 225 Columbia Turnpike Rensselaer, NY 12144 or by email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If you are applying for the Camp Director position please include your resume.
All Applications Must be received by 3/6/15 for Camp Director and by 4/3/15 for counselors and lifeguards.
Town Hall Goes Red


Town Hall employees Go Red to raise awareness for womens heart disease....and raise $400 to donate to the American Heart Association. We Go Red!




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